Bioburst Roots/Soil

What does it do?
  • Bioburst™ Roots/Soil is a liquid blend of root and soil boosters and micronutrients designed to stimulate the microbial activity in soils. Why is microbial activity important? Soil microbes facilitate nutrient uptake, enhance soil fertility, and improve overall plant vigor and quality.
What are the benefits?
  • Improves soil tilth and fertility—As microbial activity increases, soil becomes more porous and fertile.
  • Accelerates root growth
  • Enhances nutrient uptake—Accelerated microbial activity results in increased nutrient uptake. Thus more fertilizer nutrients are taken up by the plant and not lost in leaching or run-off.
  • Improves overall plant vigor and quality
  • Increases yields—Expanded root system and accelerated nutrient uptake allows the plant to perform at maximum levels.
  • Boosts plants during periods of nutrient deficiencies and/or environmental stress.
  • Reduces soil erosion and compaction—Increased soil porosity enhances air and water infiltration and reduces soil compaction and erosion.
  • Reduces chemical carryover— Accelerated microbial activity results in the break down of potentially harmful chemical residues.
  • Reduces input costs—Less fertilizer is needed due to increased nutrient uptake.
How is it applied:
  • Crops—Broadcast or band sprayed with conventional farm or commercial spraying equipment, or incorporated into the seed row by the planter.
  • Turfgrass—Apply through fertigation system or with conventional sprayers.
  • Greenhouses—Apply through injection system or with conventional sprayers.
  • Non-toxic and is compatible with most herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and liquid fertilizers.

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