BioburstDry Seed Treat

(Corn stalk on the right was treated with Bioburst™ Dry Seed Treat)

What does it do?

  • Bioburst™ Dry Seed Treat is a blend of plant, microbial and soil boosters, micronutrients, naturally occurring enzymes, proteins, and amino acids. It is specially formulated to accelerate the germination process and provide an early source of nutrients for seedling development.

What are the benefits?

  • Increases the rate of germination
  • Increases quantity and quality of vigorous seedlings
  • Promotes faster emergence
  • Enhances root development
  • Increases yields

    Corn—Midwest farmers have observed an average yield increase of 5-10 bushels/acre, 2000 more plants per acre, less lodging, two pounds better test weight, and 3-5 points lower moisture content at harvest.
    Soybeans—Midwest farmers have observed an average yield increase of 3-6 bushels/acre, more nodulation, less shattering, and faster dry-down.
    Wheat & Small Grains—Midwest farmers have observed an average yield increase of 6-12 bushels/acre, less winterkill and lodging, and higher test weights.
    Alfalfa—Midwest farmers have reported harvesting hay with higher quality and quantity, increased nodulation, less winterkill, and reduced seeding rates 3-6 lbs/acre.

How is it applied?

  • For convenient field application, Bioburst Dry Seed Treat can be dusted on and mixed with the seed in the planter box or seed hopper. It is non-toxic and is compatible with most chemical seed treatments and fungicides.

Is it cost effective?

  • Yes, it typically takes less than a 1 bushel/acre increase in crop yields to recover the cost of the product.

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