Biocat Digester

What does it do?

  • A powerful biological treatment for wastewater, golf course ponds, septic tanks, and manure pits. This proprietary formula contains a broad range of enzymes carefully formulated to “feed” naturally occurring bacteria, the primary agent responsible for decomposition of waste and manure. Biocat Digester enhances and accelerates biological reaction rates of the bacteria causing a break down of solids and sludge.

What are the benefits?

  • Speeds up digestion of dissolved and suspended solids
  • Reduces hydrogen sulfides
  • Reduces biological oxygen demand (BOD)—BOD is a standard measure of waste treatment efficiency. The lower the BOD the more efficient the digestion.
  • Decreases sludge
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Provides odor control
  • Increases holding capacity of wastewater ponds and manure pits

How is it applied?

  • Apply to wastewater holding tanks, ponds, septic tanks, or manure pits.

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