Biocat Stubble

What does it do?

  • Biocat Stubble is designed to break down tough post-harvest residue such as corn stalks and soybean residue. This special formulation of biological stimulants, enzymes, and amino acids are designed to accelerate the growth and metabolism of naturally occurring organisms that decompose tough-to-remove crop residue. Nutrients tied up by the crop residue are released during the natural process of organic decay and become available to subsequent crops.

What are the benefits?

  • Increases nutrient availability—The availability of soil nutrients increases as the decay process concludes. Thus, Biocat™ Stubble enhances the yield of the next crop by working to accelerate the decay of residue from the prior crop.
  • Reduces erosion—The outer shell (lignin) of the plant residue is left behind and serves as a soil cover to reduce wind and water erosion.
  • Reduces chemical carryover—Pesticides remaining in the crop residue can have an adverse affect on the growth of subsequent crops. A reduction in crop residue reduces the potential for harmful chemical tie-up and carryover.
  • Reduces insects—By decomposing the remaining crop residue it eliminates potential nesting sites for destructive insects like corn borer.
  • Reduces volunteer corn—Remaining corncobs and kernels are digested during the decay process and therefore unable to germinate the following season.
  • Reduction in labor costs—Eliminates the need of having to manually and mechanically remove stubborn post-harvest residue.

How is it applied?

  • The decay process is more active in warmer weather, so we recommend applying Biocat™ Stubble soon after harvest. Biocat™ Stubble is compatible with most herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers and can be applied in a tank mix with these products. It is non-toxic and does not require special equipment or handling.

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