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—Liquid Formulations—

Bioburst Roots/Soil

Bioburst Foliar
  • Increases flowering, fruit set, color and yields by providing nutrients directly to plant leaves and stems. Boosts plants during periods of environmental stress (click here for more information).
Bioburst Turf
  • Use to boost root growth, tillering, and nutrient uptake. Accelerates germination rate and seedling development—ideal for turf grow-in and maintenance. Bolsters turfgrass during periods of environmental stress (click here for more information).

Technical Grade


Biocat Stubble

  • Difficult crop residue making your job tougher? Try this blend of plant and microbial stimulants and nutrients designed to accelerate crop residue decomposition, and retain nutrients for next season’s crop (click here for more information).
Biocat Digester
  • A powerful microbial booster for wastewater, golf course ponds, septic tanks, and manure ponds. Reduces solids and sludge, reduces biological oxygen demand (BOD) and decreases odor (click here for more information).

—Dry Formulations—

Bioburst Humic Acid

  • A humic powder extracted from Leonardite—the purest source for humic acid. Enhances soil structure, increases fertilizer efficiency, and improves plant growth and vigor. Soluble in water and most liquid fertilizers (click here for more information).
Bioburst Dry Seed Treat
  • A special blend of plant, microbial, and soil boosters formulated with micronutrients to increase germination and aid in seedling development and growth (click here for more information).
Bioburst Lignin-Based Chelated Micronutrients



  • A family of all-natural liquid animal feed supplements designed to boost feed efficiency through increased nutrient absorption and digestion. We offer formulations for ruminants and swine.

    Biobase Swine
    Biobase Rumen


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