Basil Trials using Bioburst™ Roots/Soil and Foliar



46 plants tested using Bioburst™ Roots/Soil and Bioburst™ Foliar

  • Average height increase of 47.9% over untreated
  • Treated plant canopy averaged between 5-7”, untreated 3-5”

Trial conducted in Provo, UT. Seeds were planted on April 22, 1997. Trial consisted of 46 plants. Pictures were taken July 25. Both plants received the same regimen of water and liquid fertilizer (5-10-20). All variables held constant throughout the trial except the treated plants received a weekly application of Bioburst™ Roots/Soil (5 ml/gal of water) and starting on May 13 a weekly application of Bioburst™ Foliar (5 ml/gal of water).

Observation: Average height of untreated plants was 6.3” and treated plants was 9.32”—an average height increase of 47.9%. The canopy of the treated plants was between 5-7” and the untreated was 3-5”.


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