Petunia Trials using Bioburst Roots/Soil and Foliar


Treated with Bioburst Roots/Soil and Bioburst Foliar
At 5 weeks:
45 blossoms
At 7 weeks:
65 blossoms

Trial conducted by Ashley Valley Greenhouse in Vernal, Utah. Pictures were taken five weeks after transplanting. Both containers were planted with three plants each of comparable size. All variables held constant throughout the trial except the treated plant (top) was given a weekly watering of Bioburst Roots/Soil (1 tsp/gallon). Bioburst Foliar (1 tsp/gallon) was applied three times throughout the length of the seven week trial. At five weeks the treated plant had 45 blossoms and the untreated had 6 blossoms. At seven weeks the treated had 65 blossoms while the control had 15.

At 5 weeks:
6 blossoms
At 7 weeks:
15 blossoms


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