biostimilants for improved plant growth

What Sets Us Apart






Proprietary Formulations

Our proprietary formulations have gone through a rigorous development process. This time-tested approach has led to a three-decade track record of delivering increased yields, improved plant quality, and maximized grower profitability.

Our biological plant and soil boosters contain a broad range of naturally occurring materials which in combination with one another produce dramatic results. The efficacy of our formulations has been demonstrated in a wide variety of plant types and under varying geographic, soil, and climatic conditions.

Research & Development

Each one of our formulations has been through an extensive research and development process which enabled us to determine the correct timing and rates of application to allow plants to perform at optimum levels. In addition each product ingredient was scientifically evaluated to determine just the right mix necessary to promote a synergistic relationship between the various product components.


Beneficial results from using Bioburst™ plant and soil boosters have been demonstrated in over 1,600 scientific studies:

  • Improves nutrient uptake and mobility
  • Boosts plants during periods of nutrient deficiencies
  • Stimulates and feeds plant enzyme systems
  • Increases set
  • Promotes earlier maturity
  • Increases photosynthesis
  • Increases yields and uniformity
  • Increases quality and nutritional food value
  • Maximizes grower profitability
  • Reduces diseases, pests, and pathogens

We are proud of our family of plant and soil boosters and believe them to be unmatched in the industry in terms of quality, efficacy, and consistency. Give us a try…you’ll be amazed by the results!


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